Upcoming Events

Sneham Diwali Utsav Nov 16 2019

Sneham South Indian Association celebrates one of its greatest and grandest event of the year - Diwali Utsav 2019. We welcome you to the evening of 16 Nov 2019, starting at 16:30 to celebrate with the same spirit of Diwali as one big family. 

We have enthralling cultural performances which showcases Indian heritage and culture. There is also delectable Indian food and drinks served. And not to forget some interesting surprises! The night ends with an open dance floor where you can groove to the beats of Indian music. So, see you all there!

Past Events

South Indian New Year 2019

Diwali Utsav 2018

Sports Day held in September 2018

South Indian New Year held in April 2018

One Day Bus Trip held in June 2018

Diwali Utsav held in November 2017

Summer Barbeque held in August 2017

Welcome to Sneham e.V

Sneham e.V, the South Indian Association Bonn is a non-profit organisation which was formed in June 2015 with the desire to bring together all the South Indian community living in and around Bonn. The main objective is to gather for celebrating cultural, recreational events and also to pass our cultural heritage to our children's. We have the utmost interest to provide a platform for promoting cultural understanding and relationship between Indians and Germans. This cultural understanding will be promoted through celebrations of the most popular and significant festivals in the Indian calendar like Diwali, New year etc. The events hosted by Sneham e.V offer a good opportunity for the South Indians to meet and befriend like-minded individuals.

Apart from cultural events, Sneham e.V strongly believes that the integration into the German society is significant and there by the integration of South Indians who are new in Bonn is of great interest to Sneham. Therefore Sneham tries to reach out to new families and provides information and also extends support to facilitate a smooth transition into the community.

Bharatanatyam is a major genre of Indian classical dance that was originated in Tamil Nadu. Sneham has taken a step forward by organizing Bharatanatyam (Tamil: "பரதநாட்டியம்") classes exclusively for its members. The classes are conducted every Saturday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm at Bad Godesberg.

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Become a member of Sneham family today and this group is your home away from home. Make new and abiding friends by being a member of Sneham e.V.

Our Annual membership fee

  • Family - 50 EUR
  • Single Person - 20 EUR
  • Student - 15 EUR

For this nominal annual fee, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Free/Discounted entry rates to all our yearly events
  • Participation in Summer Barbeque, New Year party, Bus Trip, Sports Day and Diwali Utsav.

If you are interested in being part of Sneham e.V, please fill in your Email ID, Number of family member(s), Name(s) and their Age. We will then get in touch to guide you through the registration process.

Executive Board

President             - Mr.  Prakash Korisal                     

Vice President     - Mr. Chandra Ranganathan                        

Treasurer              - Mr. Somarajan Pillai                      

Board Members

  • Mr. Omair Khan                          
  • Mr. Santhosh Thanjavur               
  • Ms. Vaishnavvi Divyaseshadri
  • Mr. Vishnukannan Pandurangan                                   


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sneham e.V (Registration: VR 9946)

Email Address: sneham.de@gmail.com

Website: www.sneham.de

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sneham.bonn